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  • The next EAR General Assembly and EAR Scientific Committee meeting will be held at the venue of the forthcoming EFORT congress in Istanbul:
    Date: Thursday, 6 June 2013 Room: "Taksim 2" on Level B of the Istanbul Congress Centre (ICC)

  • EAR Symposium during EFORT Congress Istanbul:
    "Clinical findings, development and new requirements from authorities"
    Date: Saturday, 8 June - 10.30 - 12.00
    Auditorium: Florence



EAR Publications
  • E-Book German Arthroplasty Register EPRD
    Introduction of the German National Arthroplasty Register EPRD: an overview of EPRD Structure, Procedures and Organisation presented at the 2012 EFORT Congress in Berlin.

  • E-Book SAR Review of 2010 Annual Report
    Reprint of the Review of the Slovakian Arthroplasty Register’s 2010 Annual Report at the 2012 EFORT Congress in Berlin. The Review was originally published by Acta Chir. Orthop. Traum. Cech. as a Supplement (78, 2011).

  • E-Book QoLA Project Final Report
    Final Report of EFORT-EAR’s QoLA Project on the Quality of Publications regarding the Outcome of Revision Rate after Arthroplasty, published at the 2011 EFORT Congress in Copenhagen

  • E-Book Portuguese Arthroplasty Register 1st Abridged English version of RPA’s First Annual Report covering the period from June 2009 to May 2010. This print version was especially designed for publication at the 2011 EFORT Congress in Copenhagen. The full version is available in English and Portuguese language from the Register’s website.

  • QoLA Project Interim Report
    Interim Report of the QoLA (Quality of Literature in Arthroplasty) Project published at the EFORT Congress in Madrid in 2010

  • The Geneva Hip Arthroplasty Registry
    Publication regarding the value of regional registers using the example of the Geneva Hip Arthroplasty Registry (EFORT Congress Madrid, 2010)

  • Slovakian Arthroplasty Register 2003-2008
    English summary of the Slovakian Arthroplasty Register’s report published at the 2010 EFORT Congress in Madrid. The full version of this report is available in Slovakian language on the SAR website.

  • Australian Orthopaedic Association National Joint Replacement Registry Review 2009
    Summary report of the findings of the Australian Joint Replacement Registry’s 2009 Annual Report for the 2010 EFORT Congress in Madrid

  • Quality of Datasets EFORT 2009
    Summary of the EUPHORIC Project with special consideration of Orthopaedics, published at the 2009 EFORT Congress in Vienna

  • Handbook Register Development EFORT 2009
    Basic information of practical relevance worth considering in the establishment of an Outcome Register (EFORT Congress Vienna, 2009)